When I pay attention…

•  Little Girls: “It just is.  Is-ness Is…everything…”

•  I Really Don’t Know: “Ancient wisdom, along with contemporary psychology and medicine, tells us this: we see things through a mental filter developed since conception.”

•  Furballs: “From a scientific perspective, furballs are simply matter arranged in a way that brings us the experience of a furball; e.g., fluffy.”

•  Thoughts Like Clouds: “Vipassana is the form of meditation originally taught by the Buddha.  In Vipassana one simply allows thoughts to pass by like clouds in the sky.  No clinging, no attachment, simply letting them pass by.”

•  Happiness“About a decade back, I spent two months in central Laos. Laos is one of the world’s last remaining communist dictatorships, and was then the sixth poorest country in the world.”

•  Where Did My Glaciers Go?: “Having looked at Glacier National Park on the internet recently, I have discovered that my glaciers are gone; most have completely disappeared.”


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