Motherboard_(Simon_Lee) Cropped

Things that go around in my head…

•  More Stuff: “There is something about stuff that creates a need in us.  The more stuff you have, the more stuff you want.”

•  Steeplejack: “While still in high school, I worked weekends at Point Reyes National Park in Marin County, north of San Francisco.  RCA had a large piece of property at Point Reyes that housed a tower farm: a large array of towers and antenna.”

•  2,000 Sheep: “We soon came to a trailer park.  The swarm of sheep filled the park, trapping residents inside.”

•  Out of Macon, Georgia…: “…Bill Graham, doing what he had done at the two-dozen+ concerts I had seen him at on stage at Winterland, says, “Out of Macon, Georgia…The Allman Brothers!””

•  ’66 VW: “I put 250,000 miles on this bus.  And that bus and I saw a lot of amazing things.  Monument Valley…Glacier National Park…The Grand Canyon.  The California Coast.  The American desert, all of it.”

•  DMVeno: “And it’s not like the DMV couldn’t make the citizens more comfortable.  I suggest a Keno-style game whereby one gets a slip of paper at check-in, with random four-digit numbers on it, and a black crayon.”

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