The Locals

The best thing about Reno is the backyard: The High Sierra.  From my front door, I am 15 minutes to under an hour away from mountains awash with trail.  This page highlights what I can easily do in a day…or…if I wish, get out of my apartment by 2:00 pm one day, and be home by 10:00 am the next, sleeping under brilliant stars, dining out (like…way out!), and soaking up gorgeous High Sierra sunsets and sunrises.  My address is in Reno.  However, to find my home, go to one of the dozens of trailheads within an hour of Reno, start hiking…keep going….a few miles more…and then, from there, go way back into the mountains.

Mt. Rose Wilderness

With trailheads starting at 20 minutes from my front door, I can often be found in the Mt. Rose Wilderness on my days off.  


Tahoe Rim Trail

My 2006, 176 mile trip on the Tahoe Rim Trail offered numerous mountainous environments. One of my favorites is now the closest to where I live: The East Rim.

Tahoe Meadows

South from Mt. Rose Summit along the Tahoe Rim Trail.  One night out…just to try out time-lapse photography on the sunrise on my new camera!