L’estate delle Montanga

Montagne 2 cropped

L’estate della Montagne: “The summer of Mountains”…it just sounds a lot sexier in Italian…

The winter of 2016/2017 brought an enormous amount of precipitation, including heavy snow accumulation in the High Sierra and mountains of California.  Clearly, this was going to make for a spectacular 2017 Sierra Nevada Summer…and one I need to see.  So, I put together a FastPacking set-up (ultralight backpacking), and out into the hills I went…deep…very deep.  And often.  This page includes my photo essay.

My “summer” started in late May with some spring skiing, and as of this page update, included over 122 miles in the wilderness, largely off-piste (cross-country), and two peaks, up to San Joaquin Mtn. at 11,597′.  With 20 lbs. or less on my back, I can, and do, complete both day trips and overnights up to 4 days long.  Join me in my photos of L’estate delle Montagne!

As usual, click blue links to expand to all photos, and click photos to expand to full-screen view.

All photos and videos were taken with a Fujifilm XP120

Ansel Adams Wilderness – Journey 2

My second trip continued my collecting of wildflowers photos in grand style…And, of course, miles off-trail, the High Sierra is only magnificent.

Tahoe Meadows

South from Mt. Rose Summit along the Tahoe Rim Trail.  One night out…just to try out time-lapse photography on the sunrise on my new camera!


Ansel Adams Wilderness – Journey 1

Originally named the Minarets Wilderness when established in 1964, the wilderness was expanded and renamed in honor of Ansel Adams…


Lassen Volcanic National Park – Journey 1

My first backing trip was at age ten with my Mom and a group of fellow mountain folk.  50 years later, I wanted to experience it anew.


Mt. Rose Wilderness

With trailhead starting at 20 minutes from my front door, I can often be found in the Mt. Rose Wilderness on my days off.  


The Wildflowers

One of the very best parts for L’estate delle Montagne, after a winter of heavy snowfall, was the wildflowers….Unbelievable!

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