The Coddiwomplers’ View

Images from my travels…click on blue links and photos for a more expansive view…

L’estate delle Montange

The winter of 2016/2017 brought an enormous amount of precipitation, including heavy snow accumulation in the High Sierra and mountains of California.  Clearly, this was going to make for a spectacular 2017 Sierra Nevada Summer…and one I need to see.


Marin & Golden Gate Park: 12/31/2016

My favorite urban hike…images from 12 miles of glorious trail in Golden Gate Park…and a walk in Marin County, CA…


Yosemite/Hoover Wilderness: October – 2016

Well worth enduring the bitter nighttime cold, this trip offered classic High Sierra views at every turn…and a reunion with dear mountain buddies…


Habitat For Humanity – El Salvador: December – 2009

On location just outside of San Salvador, El Salvador with Sierra Nevada College and Habitat for Humanity.  If you ever get the chance, just go do this…the memories and rewards are breathtaking…


Tahoe Rim Trail – Lake Tahoe, CA/NV: September/2006

From the front door of my home in Incline Village, NV, all the way back to my front door, this 176 mile, 8 day trek was fantastic.  As the Tahoe Rim Trail Assoc. says, this trips touts endless, spectacular views of Lake Tahoe and the surrounding High Sierra…


Reno Rose Garden

One of my favorite spots in Reno is the Reno Rose Garden at Idlewild Park, along the Truckee River.

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