The Complete List



Just Plain Dark: “We went up the Northwest Face Route first ascended in 1957 by now famous activewear designer Royal Robbins.”

The Swing: “ I remember waking up the following morning, looking straight up as the sun illuminated the crest of El Cap, and thinking, “Bad idea…bad idea…bad idea.”  We climbed, anyway.”

Royal Arches:” We walked easily, hundreds of feet in the air, across a scene from Avatar.  Birds flew closely, and sang to us.”

The Ruth: “ There’s a little place called the Ruth Amphitheater.  It’s seven miles long and four miles wide.”

Notable Adventures…my climbing and other adventures…


Wildflowers in the Glade: “Amanda found herself not embarrassed, but irrationally confused by the fact that she had turned while looking elsewhere around the store for Jim, and had stepped right into a man that was nice and charming and handsome and now had gorgeous hazel eyes.”

Roses: “She would be beautiful, if not radiant, as always.”

Pure Fiction

7-11 Social: “They were friends where it was mild inside at the video poker machines. The liquor they had to drink outside, around the corner, and out of sight.”

Diary of a Perturbed Relief Worker: “We told the villagers over and over again to not smoke next to the pond.  Burned for six days.  Forget roasting marshmallows…we roasted whole cows.”

Four Steps: “The driveway out of the welfare office needed repairs, and the course, broken asphalt made pulling her belongings difficult.”


More Stuff: “There is something about stuff that creates a need in us.  The more stuff you have, the more stuff you want.”

Steeplejack: “While still in high school, I worked weekends at Point Reyes National Park in Marin County, north of San Francisco.  RCA had a large piece of property at Point Reyes that housed a tower farm: a large array of towers and antenna.”

2,000 Sheep: “We soon came to a trailer park.  The swarm of sheep filled the park, trapping residents inside.”

Out of Macon, Georgia…: “…Bill Graham, doing what he had done at the two-dozen+ concerts I had seen him at on stage at Winterland, says, “Out of Macon, Georgia…The Allman Brothers!””

’66 VW: “I put 250,000 miles on this bus.  And that bus and I saw a lot of amazing things.  Monument Valley…Glacier National Park…The Grand Canyon.  The California Coast.  The American desert, all of it.”

DMVeno: “And it’s not like the DMV couldn’t make the citizens more comfortable.  I suggest a Keno-style game whereby one gets a slip of paper at check-in, with random four-digit numbers on it, and a black crayon.”


Little Girls: “It just is.  Is-ness Is…everything…”

I Really Don’t Know: “Ancient wisdom, along with contemporary psychology and medicine, tells us this: we see things through a mental filter developed since conception.”

Furballs: “From a scientific perspective, furballs are simply matter arranged in a way that brings us the experience of a furball; e.g., fluffy.”

Thoughts Like Clouds: “Vipassana is the form of meditation originally taught by the Buddha.  In Vipassana one simply allows thoughts to pass by like clouds in the sky.  No clinging, no attachment, only letting them pass by.”

Happiness: “About a decade back, I spent two months in central Laos. Laos is one of the world’s last remaining communist dictatorships, and was then the sixth poorest country in the world.”

Where Did My Glaciers Go?: “Having looked at Glacier National Park on the internet recently, I have discovered that my glaciers are gone; most have completely disappeared.”