About Invisible Friends

(Note: Invisible Friends posts Sunday mornings at 12:01am/PST)

cairn: [kairn] [n.]   a human-made pile (or stack) of stones. The word cairn comes from the Scottish Gaelic: càrn

My Invisible Friends…Billy, Howard, and Natisha…are all really me, that is, Bob.  They are what I like to call ‘The Trilogy of Bob.’  And then there’s Bob, the guy people know.  They’re all me.  We just coddiwomple along on the serendipitous adventure called Life.  Over the mountains and through the valleys we trek the vicissitudes.    And we like it that way.  The big fun brings us joy; the sorrow teaches us many great things.  Our mission: to build cairns among the rolling hills, so others have someplace to journey toward.  And if you adventure out on your own, we applaud you…please build cairns so we can enjoy your adventure, too!

(ps: Cairns gratefully accepted in the ‘Leave a Reply’ boxes at the bottoms…)


Yellow-bellied Marmot  It’s an 11-pound ground squirrel…literally!!!

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