That’s Nice!

So, I was just kicking back on the picnic table at that lake with the dubious name of ‘Clear,’ and pulled out my cellphone to check out the map.  I found our location with the GPS, zoomed out a bit, and found a little town just north of us, at the other end of the lake, called ‘Nice.’  I thought, ‘Isn’t that neat…a town actually called Nice!  It’s like calling a place ‘Lovely,’ or Courteous,’ or ‘Pleasant,’ or ‘Convivial’!  And what was really interesting, was that while losing my place in the atlas I checked out in Elko, I found a place called ‘Nice’ in the south of France.  Which, I’ll bet was somewhere near ‘Belle,’ or ‘Courtois’ or ‘Agréable,’….and ‘Convivial’ just sounds French.  Well, then that was our cairn…or…as they would say in France…’cairn’…with a French accent!

I managed to talk Billy off his algae raft, and Howard out of the public restroom, and off we went to the Nice place.


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